Cooking challenge!!


I challenge myself to cook all recipes in a book that my mum gave me. (It does kind of reminds me the story about Julie and Julie :)) It is ‘Eat to live. Cookbook’ from Joel Fuhrman and the recipes are plant-based (hello to all vegans!!).

Personally, last years I have been intuitivelly choosing food that I felt my body wants. And just before a year I have realized one could call me a vegan. But I do not want to call myself a vegan. I am eating whatever I want… and those are mostly plants. 😀 But fellas! I have discovered the best kebab of my life and I go there almost every month – Capital Kebab in Bordeaux. ☆☆☆☆☆ (= five giant stars)

Now, the main reason I want to cook all the recipes is to find some favourite recipes and improve myself in combining ingredients – not to criticize the work of Mr. Fuhrman. I am just too bored with all the recipes I cook – that is the truth, muhehe.

Hope I will find people with same interest and we that we will be inspiring each other.

But now I would like to say hello to my only fans for now: Hey mum, hey dad! Hope you enjoyed my first post!

…pity they cannot speak English. 😀

Bisous, Alice xx

How can set myself free?

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In my opinion we are more creative, when we like ourselves and we are fine with doing mistakes. Some people are lucky (?) that they do not think too much. But me, personally, I found myself very often thinking too much. I am still controling even the smallest things if I do them right. I am going almost everyday to internet to google “How to…” to see if there are some other and better ways how to do this or that thing better. I want to be effective and perfect so hard, that I end up doing completely nothing.

My resolution for upcoming months/ years is (I do not think I can change myself in a weeks or even in days):

1) Stop google “How to…”

INSTEAD – do what I have to do and do it efecively, quickly and as best as I can. Rest of the time I can do all other things I always wanted to do (make a movie, sew some clothes for myself, make some nice presents for my lovely friends, go to more events, try some new fun things and sports, etc. etc.)

2) “How to…” accomplish this?

I will MONITOR MY THOUGHTS. >> Am I doing thing that I really really need to do? >> Do I have positive thoughts? (If not name as many things you are thankful as you can – until you feel happy and have good mood. That always helps me. ;))

I am posting here a video of Joss Stone – my favourite singer – which has very apt name: “Right to be wrong”. Enjoy ❤

xoxo Alis

Creativity and My Story

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Last weeks I am still thinking how to relax myself, get connected with myself and find what I truly like. Well, to be honest, those were not weeks but years… But now it is stronger.

I believe that when we are relaxed and not afraid of making mistakes, we will became instantly creative. So let’s stop be so perfectionist… If that was so easy…

I have a plan of doing something creative every week and trying to do this more often and often. Hopefully I will find my real passion. But I have been always in the state of thinking about doing various things but never starting anything. And it was because of my perfectionism. I felt I need to do my homeworks first and then do the fun things. But as I was perfectionist, I wanted to be very good in school and in the end I was only studying and never actually end up doing the “fun things”.

Thanks to this characteristic of mine I experienced the worst whiles in my life. It brought me to depression. I have not been doing what I like, I have been working on myself, I have been feeling like I am not good enough, therefore I have not slept and I was working day and night until the time when it all breaked and I lost all my concentration and I was not able to do anything. I spent years in my room lying in my bed, not seeing a person for many weeks. My starvation for perfection led me to isolation from the outer world and afterwords to depression. That is a story how a gifted girl (on singing, dancing, mathematics, drawing, physics,…) appeared in a hospital with an anxiety and depressive disorder.

I will keep tracking on this blog the way of finding myself. I do not like when something is only about myself and I will be therefore very very happy if my stories, findings and experiences will influence someone. Even if only a little. And I will be really happy if you share with me your own experiences and ideas.